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Biography of Lou Modestino

Lou Modestino has been The Enterprise's(Brockton, Mass.) Motorsports Writer for over four decades. Since then Lou covered the northeast and other events for Stock Car Magazine, Circle Track&Highway Magazine among others. Modestino also spent 22 years doing out-of-state PR for the Oxford Plains Speedway(Maine)Opens. He was at that track from the inception of the Oxford 250 Late Model race working for both the Bahre and Liberty ownerships at the oval. Lou has also held PR/Press Agent responsibilities at such tracks as the Seekonk and Westboro Speedway in Mass., Lee Speedway in NH and Thompson Speedway in Conn.

In the mid-80's Modestino began to syndicate New England Motorsports and TV Times Columns which he still does today for various daily, weekly, trade papers and numerous internet webpages coast-to-coast. Lou did all this as a second job while working in a management position at the Polaroid Corp. in Norwood, Mass. Taking an early retirement from that company in 1996, Modestino focused on consultant work for various motorsports entities. Those responsibilities included some close coordination with various main steam media outlets like daily papers and TV stations. Also, marketing for various client tracks and race teams.

Over the years Lou Modestino broadened his capability to become a lobby and advocate for racing interests at the local, state and national level. In 1988 Lou started Lou's Motorsports TV Calendar covering all of the racing events airing on TV in North America. It was a US Postal Mail subscription service then and a gradual phase in of a internet subscription. In February of 2004 Lou's Motorsports TV Calendar changed over to a total internet subscriber service.

Modestino grew up in the south metro-Boston area and went to area parochial Catholic grammar and high school. Following a brief stint in the US Navy, Lou enrolled in the University College program at Northeastern in Boston, Mass. Later he transferred to Curry College in Milton, Mass. and received a BA degree with a Business Major and a Journalism Minor in the Class of 1979. Curry's alumni also includes Buddy Lazier who won the IRL Indy 500 back in 1996. Lazier was in the Curry College Class of '86.

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Lou Modestino.