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Biography of Rick Hughey

Rick Hughey is our Road Racing News Bureau Chief.

Being born on a race weekend in Watkins Glen, New York isn't a bad place to start life if you grow up to be a Motorsports Reporter.

That's how it worked out for this racing veteran. Growing up in the Glen provided Rick the chance to become friends with race team members who manage Formula 1 today, providing him with a look inside the sport where press releases seldom go.

Rick Hughey anchored U.S. Grand Prix race coverage on the Glen Racing Radio Network from 1974 through 1980. He joined MotorNet during its first season in 1981 and has been part of our team covering road racing for nearly 30 years.

In his spare time Rick is working with the International Motor Racing Research Center on an oral history project. He also competes in vintage race events with his FV and SuperVee formula cars, and is working on a book on motorsports memories.

Rick's home base is still Watkins Glen when he's not in race paddocks around the world. He lives in a log cabin with his lovely, understanding wife, Barbara.

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Rick Hughey.